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Attention Psychotherapists, Coaches, Psychologists, Social Workers and Family Therapists:
You Are About To Learn Exactly How to Help More People [Regardless of the Presenting Problem], Be More Confident In Session, and Always Be Able to Keep the Conversation Moving Towards Positive Client Change. Here's how...
Hi, my name is Elliott Connie. I am a psychotherapist who uses the Solution Focused Approach in my work with clients. I had always had a passion for helping people, so I was thrilled when I was introduced to the Solution Focused Approach. From the very beginning, this approach made sense to me and seemed to fit the way I wanted to work with clients.    

In addition to maintaining a private practice, I have gone on to write several books about this approach and have traveled the world teaching professionals to use Solution Focused Brief Therapy.   

I have enjoyed the journey immensely, but it was far from easy in the beginning.  

Though this approach made sense to me almost immediately, I quickly realized that using SFBT effectively was going to take some work. Eventually, with a lot of study and practice, I was able to build my confidence and skills.  

I was able to overcome those challenging moments that come up in session. Like when a client does not respond helpfully. Or when the client seems to be more interested in talking about the problem than talking about solutions.   

These situations, and others like it, made implementing SFBT challenging. Then, there was another issue.  

The other professionals around me didn’t respect the Solution Focused Approach and took every opportunity they could to voice their displeasure about what I was doing. They would tell me this approach was not supported by research or did not work with “real” problems. The list went on and on.  

In time, I realized they were not accurate, but as a new practitioner, comments like this made me confused. I couldn’t understand why people would say these things and, yet, my clients seemed to be improving.   

Combining my client progress with my own beliefs about this approach and how it made sense to me, I carried on.  

Eventually, I discovered a few keys to genuinely mastering this approach; to be able to use this approach in each session and keep the conversation moving towards positive changes in a client's life regardless of how severe the problem was that brought them into counseling.   

That’s what today’s opportunity is. I want to share these keys with you so that you too can see the outcomes of SFBT in your practice.
Just when I needed it, right when things had gotten so desperate that I was thinking of leaving the field, I met four men that would completely change the direction of my life.  

I had just left my last agency job and opened my private practice. While attending a conference, I met Chris Iveson, Harvey Ratner, Evan George and Adam Froerer.   

They were each established names in the Solution Focused field and, even though I was far from that, we all somehow connected and my learning continued long after the conference ended.   

I quickly learned....  

Having access to professionals who are more experienced with this approach makes a huge difference.     

I didn’t feel alone anymore. Finally, there were people I could reach out to that would guide me within the parameters of Solution Focused thinking instead of away from it.  

Also, I didn’t feel crazy anymore. I no longer felt that there was something wrong with me due to making a choice that everyone around me seemed not to understand.   

For the first time, when I encountered a clinical situation that I felt “stuck” in, I had someone to turn to for help.   

There were now others around me that had made the same choice too.   

I can not overstate how profound of an impact these connections made for me.  

These connections did a lot for me.  

For example...  

I realized SFBT was so much more than just a collection of techniques.  

Much of the early writing and teaching about the Solution Focused Approach was based on the standard techniques.  

The miracle question, exception finding, the scaling question, and more. I studied these techniques but at times still struggled.  


Because the Solution Focused Approach is much more than just knowing about these techniques. It is also about knowing how to apply them in your work.  

It’s about knowing how to ask the next question in the session.
It’s about knowing how to ask questions that produce meaningful answers that lead towards positive change.  

Also, this approach is about being able to facilitate conversations about solutions, even when the client seems “stuck” in the problem.   

Then something else happened...  

People started calling me for therapy, and my practice exploded.   

I had only been in private practice briefly when I started to accelerate my use of the Solution Focused Approach, and I had some fear of how it would impact my business.  

After all, how could I make a living if I was only seeing clients a few times? I was sharing an office with a psychotherapist who practiced a problem-focused kind of therapy, and she just needed one new client each week to grow her practice. If I was going to doing Solution Focused work, I knew I needed more than that.   

Then it happened...

People started calling me because they heard about my questions, they heard about how rapidly my clients were improving, and they heard about me.   

Before I knew it, I was getting more calls than I could handle and I had a full practice.
I became so inspired by using this approach that I started writing my ideas down. I started writing about what I was realizing about learning and practicing the Solution Focused Approach. 

Those ideas turned into the content of my books and my lectures and continued to fuel my current work.
The BRIEF International team has honed these ideas over the past years and have put together a course to help you master this approach and take your SFBT skills to new heights.
It is critical to be able to review actual session videos or watch actual sessions live. This is crucial because SFBT is based on language, and the only to learn a language is to analyze it.
This may seem obvious but I mean it a bit differently than what you may expect. I am not referring to just seeing clients. I am saying that practice should include doing practice exercises that build your question asking skills. This can be done with peers and colleagues but is crucial to mastering this approach.
As I mentioned a few times already, it is important to surround yourself with like- minded professionals for guidance and mentorship. Sometimes it is even helpful just to know there are others out there that think about therapy in similar ways. This is important becuase so many people won’t understand what SFBT is all about.  

That’s it. Simple. If you do these three, things you will be able to enhance your skills with this approach rapidly.  

The challenge is finding people to practice with or finding sessions to review, but once you do the learning experience is priceless.  

Once you start doing these things you will be able to apply your learning in your sessions immediately.
What I really love about learning SFBT this way is how easy and simple it is to get results. In fact, it is inevitable that your work will be impacted by going through these steps. 

It is also just as certain that your attitude about the work will shift. The reality is it can be challenging sitting with people’s problems day in and day out.  

When using this approach, your attention is on something so much more enriching: the client. To be more specific, you are attending to their abilities and not their deficits.  


The community we have built is one of the most welcoming and amazing groups of people I have been a part of. They are eager to welcome you and offer you any guidance and feedback you may need. 

You will not feel like you are practicing this approach without support again. 

A couple of years ago we decided to build a Facebook community as a part of this course, and once you sign up you will have access to this community as well as session videos for you to review. 

If that is not enough, I have also been conducting interviews with the biggest names in the Solution Focused field for years, and I will grant you access to these interviews today once you sign up.  
This course is facilitated by BRIEF International, a team of some of the most well respected and internationally recognized Solution Focused professionals in the world. 

Chris Iveson and Evan George are co-founders of BRIEF, the premiere Solution Focused Brief Therapy training center in the world, which has been in opertation since 1989. 

Adam Froerer is a faculty member at a major university where he teaching marriage and familty therapy to graduate students. He is widely recognized as one of the most respected researchers in the field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

And I am currently among the most followed professionals in the field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

Combined we have written 8 books, published countless journal articles, conducted numerous research studies, and teach more than 10,000 professionals at our events annually. Together, we will guide you through this immersive learning experience.
Imagine what it will be like to look in the mirror and know that you have the skills and confidence to be able to help clients through having conversations that are infused with hope.  

Imagine how your reputation will explode in your area when everyone hears how helpful you can be in a different way. In a way that does not require the client to go through so much pain in the session.  

Imagine the next time you are stuck in a session being able to reach out to mentors and peers and get almost instantaneous feedback, 24/7.  

What it will be like to know you don’t have to fear any referrals and to know that your practice’s chances of being successful are on the rise.   

If you sign up for our course today, this all starts to become your reality immediately.
Here’s a taste of what you will get in the BRIEF International Online Certificate Course:
  • You will be able to conduct a Solution Focused session from start to finish with couples, families, and individuals regardless of what problem brought them to your office. 
  • How to use the common techniques associated with the Solution Focused Approach. 
  • How to immediately shift your work towards SFBT.
  • How to use this approach with the clients that give you the biggest struggles. 
  • Access to a library of real Solution Focused Brief Therapy sessions with real clients unlike anything you can get anywhere else in the world. 
  • Access to mentors with literally decades of experience with this approach, some of the biggest names in the field.  
  • Connection with peers and colleagues in our community of SFBT learners.  
  • 16 modules that thoroughly explore every possible aspect of the Solution Focused approach.  
  • Practice exercises you can complete with course participants or your colleagues. 
  • One of the most respected certificates in the Solution Focused field.  
  • With participants from around the world, our coaching calls will be scheduled taking into account the time zones represented by the participants. No matter where you live, we will accommodate you! 
We have recently gotten together and updated this course, as we do each year, and have made a great course even better. I present to you
The 2018 BRIEF International Online Intensive Certificate Course 
This truly is the premiere online Solution Focused learning opportunity available today.
It contains everything, we are not holding anything back.  

All of our thoughts and ideas from our combined decades of experience from practicing, researching, and teaching this approach.  

From our ground breaking seminal ideas to our current new thoughts, you will literally get everything.  

Within these 16 modules is the entire Solution Focused blueprint.  Each module will highlight a different aspect of the Solution Focused Approach so that by the end, you truly can use SFBT with any client that you encounter.

Plus, we will be with you every step of the way providing feedback and guidance as needed.  

You can not get this information anywhere else and we only run this course once per year.  

This course has literally changed thousands of lives in the field, from very seasoned professionals to new graduates.

Plus, if you join us today, you get these additional bonuses. 
1. For this course, plan on spending about 2 hours a week on the material. Thus, this course comes with 32 CEU Credits for counselors, family therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists.  

2. You will receive a 3-hour on demand ethics lecture that also comes with 3 CEU credits for professionals. In this workshop Adam Froerer reviews the ethical implications of use the Solution Focused.  

3. Access to our SFBT session library, which contains over a dozen full session videos from our own practices. There is no other library of actual sessions like this anywhere in the world.  

4. I am also going to provide you with my very own private practice-building course, The Successful Cash Based Practice Formula. If you are in private practice, some might say this is worth the admission all by itself.  

5. You will also get access to our course members only FB group. This is where course participants can meet and engage. The course facilitators will also be commenting, posting, responding, and making announcements in this group.
I once had a person offer me over $1000 dollars just have access to one of the modules in this course. I know this is a very valuable course but I am not going to ask you for anywhere near that.  

Let’s summarize everything you’re going to get when you say yes to the BRIEF International Intensive Online Certificate Course right now... 
  • Individual Coaching with a BRIEF International Intensive Online Certificate Course Faculty. $500.00 value
  • The 2018 SFBT Video Training Series $997 value
  • Continuing Education Credits $800.00 value
  • A 3 hour intro to SFBT lecture. $197 value
  • SFBT Ethics Lecture $97.00 value
  • The BRIEFer Manual $20.00 value 
  • Successful Cash Based Practice Formula Course $997.00 value  
  • Access to the private Facebook Group $57 per month | $228.00 value
  • One free ticket to SFBT Live 2018 (a 4 day event this May in Atlanta). $697 value
  • A secret bonus, but you'll have to register to see what it is! 
That’s a total value of $4533.00 (+ the secret bonus)
As you can clearly see by now, this is an unbelievable value at $1497 (our original price for this course).

However I know times are tough right now, and I want to give you every reason to take advantage of this amazing course today, so I’m going to give you a chance to pick this amazing content up right now at a steep discount...  

When I originally ran this by some of the participants from previous courses, they said I would be crazy to offer it for anything less than $1997. Obviously, they know the value because they’ve experienced the results for themselves.  

However, I want to give you every reason to say yes to what I have for you...  

Now I know if you’ve gotten this far and you’re still reading this, you’re probably ready to get started, so I want to do one even better and make this an absolute no-brainer for you…

If I hear from you today, you can have access to the course (and the bonuses above) for just $997.  

Why so low?   

It’s simple, because using this approach has completely transformed my life and I want everyone in the field to experience that transformation too!

This opportunity won’t last long. Registration will only be open for about a week, then we have to begin working with the course participants to schedule the group coaching calls and other details before the official course start date.
Here’s what happens when you join
As soon as you join you will immediately receive access to the private portal that is only for the course members.

There, you will find an introduction module as well as some of the bonus content. Also, you'll find instructions on how to join a live group call that will be an introduction so that members can get to know one another and ask any questions they may have.

The course will officially begin on April 16, 2018 and lasts 16 weeks.

In this course there will be 8 live coaching calls, each recorded and posted on the course portal. Each member also will be able to meet at least once 1-1 with a member of the BRIEF Intentional Team.

This portal also includes the schedule for those calls as well as a discussion board. Speaking of discussions, there is also a private Facebook group that is also for members of this course.

Each module will be released weekly and will feature video lectures, practice exercises, and reading materials. All of which will be on the cutting edge of the Solution Focused Approach.

By the end of this course, you will be among the most thoroughly trained Solution Focused Brief Therapists on the planet and will be able to use this approach with your most challenging clients.

Come join us!

100% Money Back Guarantee
This course comes with a money back guarantee.  

If for any reason you decide you don’t want to continue in the course, we will grant you a full refund, no questions asked. And you can keep everything you have downloaded to that point.  

That means zero risk to you!
What Are You Waiting For?
P.S. Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “why would you make
such an insane offer by practically giving this away?”  

Well that’s a great question and the answer is because I have a bigger vision.   

You see, I’m on a mission to help as many professionals as I can get access to this wonderful approach and be able to use it effectively.

Remember, this opportunity will only be available for a short time then it’s gone. We won't be opening this course again for a full year and I can’t guarantee the price will be this low at that time.  

P.P.S. One last reminder, you are completely covered by our money back guarantee until the 30th of April. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being decisive and claiming your spot in our course right now.